Becoming a Lion...

2017 taught us a lot. It has taught us that in regards to the markets and to the economy, we are tapped out on using the past to predict the future. There are too many people who are now investing their own money and there is too much uneducated money that is invested. Experts go back and forth on whether or not the economy is tied to psychology and sociology but everyday I start to see the correlation more and more. With rapid regulatory actions taking place, the future is more uncertain than ever. At the end of the day, the harsh reality is that it we are on the brink of some very big change and we need to be collaborative in. 


From my point of view, it seems as though there were fundamental flaws with the system that has domino effected  us  to  this  point.  Everyday clients are becoming more and more detached from their retirement accounts. What I mean by that is an overwhelming majority of the folks I meet with have no idea what their nest egg is truly worth, where it’s invested, and or how expensive the investment choices are. This scares me because As I reflect on the what is going on with a team   full of and financially optimized clients, I can say that is, in a world filled with bulls and bears, it is best to  be a lion.

What does that mean?

It means that so many people worry about their money, the markets, stocks, fees, scams, and most of all, US Government regulation. Bull markets. Bear markets. Talking heads in the media reporting market is going up while the other guy says it’s going down. Who exactly do you trust?


Lions, Bulls & Bears.

[A] Lion rules the animal kingdom with calm demeanor until it is time to execute a procedure. Financial Advisors, ‘gurus’, and Brokers will put their faith in products to help their clients achieve their goals. The problem with putting your faith in a product, is that time after time, products don’t solve problems. A lion doesn’t put faith in products because [the products] end up being too good to be true and goals are ultimately not achieved. A lion on the other hand takes a calm, clear, and composed approach to the situation. A lion constructs a program designed with procedures that are simply carried out. With a program designed to carry out procedure, it takes hope (which is not a good strategy) completely out of the equation. The lion client maximizes its assets using contracts with guarantees to ensure  that when it comes to returns, the lion is concerned with multiplying their values no matter what happens with the markets, not crediting percentages based on which stocks are  trending on social media.

This years theme for ASB Elite Client Services is Becoming a Lion in a World of Bears & Bulls. Stay tuned for more content as we branch into more blog posting, more social media   content, podcasting, and video.