Retail to Residual

You probably thought based on the title, that I’m about to drop some knowledge on some kind of MLM. Well, I’m not. Tried it, everyone said I was a “great fit” but obviously didn’t go as advertised and wasn’t for me. Like many of you reading this, I also have extremely deep roots in retail. I want to share some of my experiences with you that will show you exactly how I went from Retail to Residual. 

For my full story, you can check it out on I’ll quickly go into my retail background, I worked part-time with The Limited Corporation while I was finishing my college career at Arizona State University which ultimately landed me a full time job. Quickly, I was able to move up the ranks and before I knew it, I was actively managing multi-million dollar stores across The Limited Brand. Shortly after my first wave of professional success, I met my husband, Kevin, who you might know from the “Kev Talks” segment. After our boys were born, I decided to start a new career as Supermom. After some terrible market conditions and Kevin being in the land development aspect of wealth accumulation, I went back. I had gone back to run a couple of different stores while Kevin’s career path had to take a turn and before I knew it, I was in the insurance industry. Kevin was doing some advanced estate planning with people all over Colorado and Wyoming. So began our partnership. I would first help people with their insurance. Whether it be health insurance, life insurance, or extended care insurance then Kevin would do what ever else was needed to ensure the three phases of retirement were properly carried out. After being in the business for just one year, I quickly learned what residual income is really all about. To put it into familiar terms, pretend you help your customer find the most stunning outfit and for helping that customer find the perfect outfit you are compensated $150. If you help just eight people per week for one year you will have earned $57,600. Let’s suppose that the next year, you did the exact same thing, helped eight people per week. Your income in the second year would be $115,200. Assuming the same thing in year three, you would earn $172,800. Residual income gives me the opportunity and the ability to not only pay for shoes, trips, and other fun things. It gives me the the right to set my own raises each year. If you’ve ever gone into your manager’s office asking for a raise, you know exactly how bad you want to set your own raise. My mission is to take as many of you from retail to residual, I am looking to partner with people just like you. Maybe your sick of your hours, maybe it’s the pay, maybe its the opportunity for advancement, it could be any reason. You deserve to create your own life while truly benefiting the lives of all the people we impact. I have a few opportunities open for my Arizona team and would love to fill those slots with some happy faces looking to take their life from retail to residuals. I highly encourage those of you reading to really check out the full story on

Thank you to ASB Elite, for constantly putting our clients into more financially efficient programs, which allow us to do our job of then protecting all that money.