'Getting Started on the School System' PT: II They Even Have Recess in Court


I cant even believe this has to be a part of this. But this is an extremely important topic for us to break down and get into. To be clear, I am 100% NOT okay with getting rid of recess. I am going to quickly channel my inner Dewey Finn from School of Rock, “Ok, Ms. Dumbum ain’t your teacher today, I am, and I have a headache. So I say, TIME FOR RECESS!!!”


Great, now that is out of the way, let’s jump right into it. Evidently, there are schools that are taking their rugrats out four times a day. Now, I don’t know where these schools were when I was going through school, but what ever. According to an article I read in the Washington Post (link from google), the schools are participating in a program called, LiiNK, which stands for Let’s inspire innovation ’N Kids. Developed by Debbie Rhea, LiiNK is giving kids the people skills necessary to be successful. As opposed to the scary feeling that you get in the factory/ prison like institutions many of us experienced. This program is designed to emphasize ethics and character.


“Allowing young kids in school a chance to go outside for recess is not just a good idea, it’s a crucial one” -American Academy of Pediatrics’ Council


Finnishing at the Top


Finnish folks obviously have their shit together, they are HUGE recess people. Also what people in Finland do in school is: cut the days in half, hook up free lunch, an hour of recess, and also, none of those stupid standardized tests, according to Stanford Report. Shout out to those guys. There are certainly many differences between US and Finland, mainly economically. Another big difference is they don’t do the asinine, ‘Standardized Test Era’. “No high-performing nation in the world has been successful using the policies that the U.S. is using.”, were some words spoken by Mr. Pasi Sahlberg, director of the Center for International Mobility and Cooperation. He went on to add, “Finland’s changes came from research in the United States, which contributes 80% of the world’s education research”.


Clearly, there is a reason why recess going away is a threat among American school goers. Districts are constantly under pressure to demonstrate academic progress. On top of that, they’ve gotta deal with safety concerns and supervision issues. I can’t tell you how many owwies I got on the playground. Built Character. As for the supervision aspect, I think it’d do some of these, say, less active faculty some good to get out there and dummy around a kickball. There is something to be said about the half-assed and subpar playground equipment conditions. From New York to LA, old, broken down, and beat up playgrounds. The thought of a kid going down some janky slide that hardly goes or the plastic broken, so the kid gets injured absolutely makes me sick. I don’t have time to breakdown all of the funding issues that exist for these schools, what I will say however, is if there is a shift in the mindset of our education system to be more collaborative as well as create more effective communicators, then we can start to make tremendous strides in our climb back to the top. I believe that implementing some of these ‘pro-recess’ ideas into our regimen of education will do wonders for our youth.


Financial optimization will save the school system. It’s the only way. Money is the main driver for the bulk of school policy. There is no way around that fact. Utilizing financial optimization concepts in the school districts, would give schools the freedom to expand on the importance of character, teamwork, communication, and healthy competition.