A Disciplined Rant


Every once in a while, a word will just continuously pop in my head. The latest word to jump in was discipline. Over the last week, that word has come up at least 38 times. Every time it came up, I gave it some thought and asked myself the question, “Am I disciplined?”. More times than not, when I asked, the answer was ehhh, I don’t knowww. When the idea to write this climbed up into my noggin, my question was, what even is discipline? Do I really lack it that much? I mean, big picture, I would say my shit is together but as I ask the question, I don’t know.


From the age of whenever you signed up for your first sport, you were signing up to learn discipline. The dictionary defines discipline in the self tense as, “Train oneself to do something in a controlled and habitual way”. For me, this definition clarified a lot of confusion that I had. I looked at the definition literally and reflected on certain pieces of my life. What I found was, I had extremely strong discipline skills. I habitually do all kinds of shit. Whether I consciously train it or don’t. Sometimes habits can turn into ruts. When I was a youth, I had a habit of staying up really late playing video games, that habit turned into a rut when I would wake up tired and unproductive. The ruts we all experience are nothing more than proof of the fact that we all inherently have incredible discipline skills. When we say things like, “That person lacks discipline,” what does that mean? Because if we refer to the definition, it would actually translate to a person lacking a desire to train them self in a controlled and habitual way. Right? So, if that’s true, the problem is not a person’s discipline skills. The problem is the person doesn’t see the value in implementing which ever system or habit they are wanting to train. It seems to me, there is a huge misunderstanding of what discipline actually is and it is important we sort this out because in order to be productive, we must be disciplined. Good news, we already are. The trick for us is being able to see the value in making our bed everyday, making educated decisions when it comes to fueling our bodies, mastering our trade or craft and even sleeping. Just cause were all disciplined though, doesn’t make us perfect or productive. We have to be able to understand the value of implementing each productive discipline, otherwise the task will outweigh the value and that would be the mathematical equation going on in your dome. For example, if you really saw the value in having a clean mouth, you would probably be disciplined to brush your teeth because you have trained yourself to habitually scrub them jibs twice a day. Which, is different from trying to find the abundance of value in being disciplined enough to make your bed every single day which is why you might train your self in the controlled habit of not making your bed. See, discipline.


In real life, typically, we first remember experiencing discipline in sports. I only really played hockey growing up but I’d imagine the other sports are in the same boat. The time commitment to the sport and how much discipline it took to be able to manage time efficiently so that homework still got done. How about the discipline to train? Day in, day out, in the gym getting stronger and better. It is really easy for us to do those things when we have dreams of being a professional athletes because we can see that the value outweighs the task or the pain associated with each discipline. And those disciplines get us closer to our goal of being a pro athlete. For those of us that live on to not be pro athletes, the next most interesting phase of life which requires discipline is business. Particularly, those who wander on the more entrepreneurial side of the tracks. The amount of implemented discipline required to be a productive entrepreneur is enough to make 99% of people who try, fail or quit. Being disciplined with our self study in the markets, our preparation, our time again and most of all our money. Training ourselves to implement productive habits into our business efforts boosts confidence through the roof and as a byproduct of all that discipline, we should have a successful company.


In closing, I believe it is important to check ourselves on our desire to be more “disciplined” in one aspect of life versus an other. Really spend some time weighing the value of implementing a new discipline versus the cost of doing so. At the same time, the good news is, we are ALL conditioned to be disciplined and habitual creatures. It is the fundamental driver to productivity and it’s already in us, how bout that? We just need to be educated on the perspective which contains the value in going out of our way to train ourselves in a habitual manner. 


Thank you for reading my rant :)

Justin Weber