Mars Mission: The Economy


Mars. People Living on Mars. Can you believe that? In one of his most recent updates, Elon Musk plans to plop one million people on Mars with in the next 60-100 years. The idea of heading to Mars for human colonization is more relevant than ever. Initially, we might ask “ could we even get there?” But, the real question is what do we do when we get there? Would Mars even need an economy? If so, would we be using the same model we have on Earth? How do we create an economy that is fair and prosperous for all its people? Is that even possible?


Economy is necessary for civilization but only for accounting purposes. The original idea behind money and currency was just a method of accounting. So, from here on out, when you think money, think accounting. Anything can be currency as long as there is perceived value. Not always legal. But, anything has potential to be money. Without an economy you’ve got communism. Not necessarily Soviet Union or Cuba kind of communism, Karl Marx’s communism where people just do what ever they’re “supposed to” then everything you could ever want or need is just on the house. It is a nice idea in concept but the human practice of it is unattainable and seemingly always goes hand in hand with a whole cafeteria of soup sandwiches like genocide, loss of freedom, mass violence and psychopathic dictators. [You can't go five days without hearing or seeing this one, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result”-Albert Einstein. I’m not gonna get super philosophical but what I will say is that in the world we live in there are three truths. Objective truth, cannot be denied. Personal truth, cannot be denied by you. Political truth, cannot be denied by The Man. If we lived in a world of ONLY objective truth, communism probably would work. We don’t live in that world so, in this world, I’ll protect mine from which ever commy comes looking to get these hands. Aside from the truth problem, who would want to go to work if money wasn’t involved? Is that not the point of people having to be somewhere by 9 so they can leave somewhere at 5 so they can finish when they’re 65? I’m sorry, 67 now. 


Sounds like an economy would be a smart idea for Mars since communism is a shit show. That being said, do we use the same model for the economy on Mars as we do here? How do we adjust for gravity? It is what we know and what we are used to. The main issue that I personally have with the way Earth money is perceived. The idea that there are only so many dollars. There was once a time where each and every dollar was backed by a tangible good that has a perceived value. It was gold. If you think we are still backed by gold, you are sorely mistaken. Over the years, mistakes were made, money was lost, corporations were bailed out and cash printing has caused our legal US tender to be backed not by gold but by someones good faith. I don’t very much enjoy the fact that regular people don’t have the same opportunity for accumulating cash and savings. Well, they do but you’ve really gotta know a guy in order to set up the right stuff. There is a whole way that money works in which there is an unlimited supply. Dollars are created everywhere all the time. There are two sides to every dollar and most people only understand how part of one side works. Make some money, spend less money than you make, save the difference, once your piggy bank is full, start investing in… real estate? Stocks? Do that till you’re burnt out and can afford to be done, then, hope you never run out of money, then die peacefully in your sleep with your Bae, just like Duke and Allie! The problem is that life isn’t The Notebook. The reality for a lot of people is that sometimes you have to spend more than you make. My Dad taught me an important lesson when I first started in business. “You don’t have an expense problem, you have an income problem.” It was true, I had already reduced my expenses to the bare minimum I could but what I made still wasn’t enough. My problem wasn’t an expense problem, it was an income problem. Luckily, I was able to leave what ever pyramid scheme I was slinging product for and start dealing with money. A lot of people get trapped in making less than they spend. When you’re trapped and bills are due, what can you do? Borrow money, exactly. The Bank will give you what you need to help supplement your lack of income. Therefore, solving your income problem. So, lets quick rework the scenario from earlier factoring the boost from The Bank. Make some money, borrow some money, spend only what you make and borrow. Hope you get lucky with the house you’re buying so that you can get some equity to start paying off debt by investing into what ever. Do that forever until one dies abruptly, two months after being diagnosed with lung cancer while the other one is on the phone, hoping the term life insurance Dave Ramsey told them to buy is going be still payable. If it isn’t still in force, don’t worry, you’re not alone, about only 3% of term life insurance pays out. Most new model homes have a mother in law suite. 


Well, that escalated quickly. My bad, I just want to make sure we are really thinking about this. When we get to Mars, that is our reset. Chance to do this right, start over knowing what we know now. The economy on MARS needs to actually be fair and prosperous for those participating. Promoting the very strategies used by really rich people, businesses and banks will level the playing field and eliminate the sense of control that The Banks do have. The Banks make money by collecting interest on money loaned out. The secret about the money that is being loaned out is that it doesn’t actually exist. You ever hear of a Fugazi, kid? Go read up on Fractional Reserve Banking if you think I’m bullshitting you. Now, where this ties in to you is you can theoretically do the exact same thing. All you need is leveraged greater value than what you have that you could borrow from. Read that sentence again, nod and skim back to here. Certain types of insurance based programs, for example, give you the ability to leverage what you have, creating a greater value to borrow from just like The Banks. Similarly, when you borrow that money from your leveraged account you will not only earn interest on whats left but also on the money borrowed. Again, I’ll let you reread. Let’s do a quick example. In The Bank, say we have $10,000. If we spend $2,000, we will be left with $8,000. Then credited with our .01% from The Bank. So at the end of the day on Earth, we have $8,001 (generous). Mars will be different. If we have $10,000 in our account on Mars than contractually, we will have a greater leveraged value. We then “borrow” $2,000 from ourselves and earn credited gains on our “borrowed” money as well as the money that was left behind. So, if the index goes up 10%, we would earn 10% on the $2,000 we used, plus 10% on the $8,000. That gives us at the end of the day on Mars, $9,000 while Earth we go to bed with $8,001. Where is the missing money? Lining the pockets of who ever you blame for the way things are. That’s who.


Imagine if these concepts were globally practiced. Credit card companies give you a tease of what this is like. Spend X amount of dollars to each what ever % cash back. The one or two % is dope until you realize how money is actually working. The spread for The Bank on all those dollars is closer to 15%. You think they give a shit about giving you 1 or 2? They still take home at least 13 points every time you swipe your card. All in all, I’m excited about the Mars trip. I am excited about the restart. I am hopeful we don’t F it up because there is a way to create an economy that is fair and prosperous for all. Money is a resource and a necessity, kind of like food or water. A long time ago, food and water were really scarce. Scarcity only existed until someone figured out how to make food and water so accessible that I can literally go on an app in my phone and without speaking a word. In fifteen minutes, there will be a stranger at my door with wait for this… anything I want. How bout that? Doesn’t even have to just be pizza. The fact that I just said it doesn’t even have to be pizza is only proving my point more. Food and water is so accessible and has been for so long. Money is just as accessible on Earth as it will be on Mars. Only maybe on Mars, objective truth will reign over political truth.