First Ever Financial Optimization Firm


Defining Financial Optimization:

Financial Optimization is a method of personal finance that focusses on logical systems and processes to amass not only a great retirement but a tax free income. These concepts will ensure that you solve the one short coming of nearly every American. Savings. How does it feel to not be able to put money aside because a rainstorm took out a tree, that took out your house and then the insurance company didn’t do their job so now you cant save? How about when the sale you have been hard at work putting together falls through, or worse, the commission gets held up. Bills never seem to get held up; you know? No matter what the situation is, life will happen and life forces sacrifice but it does not have to.

Savings Should NOT Hurt

Saving your money is NOT a sacrifice. Giving is a sacrifice. Tithing is a sacrifice. Spending your life working towards a purpose is a sacrifice. Having children is a sacrifice. Saving money is NOT a sacrifice. If money saving were sacrificial, that would imply that money is a finite resource and while that might be the direction you have been led to believe, it could not be further from the truth. If you are one who believes that there is only so many dollars that exist and who ever ends up with the most of those dollars wins, you are wrong. Successful people and business don’t stash money, they create money and wealth. I am about to break down how a bank creates their savings without stashing, since we as American’s rely so heavily on them.

Pardon My French

Arbitrage is a “hypothetical transaction that involves no negative cash flow at any probabilistic or temporal state and a positive cash flow in at least one state.”-Dictionary. What it actually means and for the sake of this, is using other people’s money to create money for yourself. For example, The Bank. The Bank practices this concept every single day whether you realize it or not. See, every time I need some money, I can go to a bank and get some money. Even if my account has $0. The catch for me is if I get this money, I have to pay the bank an interest of 18%. What happens is The Bank loans ME money, but that money is NOT The Bank’s money. It is YOUR money that The Bank loans to ME. I am paying The Bank 18% to use YOUR money. The Bank is giving you LESS than 1%. Why? Exactly, because The Bank is using arbitrage. Have you ever wondered why your current balance and your available balance are different numbers some of the time? It is because the difference is hard at work generating billions of dollars for The Banks. As if they don’t make enough money on Insufficient Funds Fees and Account Fees.

Let This Percolate

If that difference worked for you instead of The Bank, what impact would that have on your life? Take it a step further, what if that difference that is working for you, did NOT come from YOUR account? At that point, the shoe will effectively be on the other… table, which is now turned. How sacrificial is it to accumulate YOUR savings by risking zero dollars, to have others’ dollars create new dollars for YOUR empire on a tax free basis?

The Solution

The solution is NEVER a product. If someone tells you the answer to your problems is a product, they ARE the problem.  The solution is engineering a system and a process for your finances so that your financial security is not rocked when we have our next recession. I am not Chicken Little here but our economy is “NOT in a good place”. The Government injected our economy with dollars in efforts to boost the economy and bail out the investors when the last recession in 2008 happened. The reason this next recession will be of biblical proportion compared to the likes of 08 is because there is no money to inject. America is broke, not Martha Stewart broke, MC Hammer broke. Shout out to White Chicks (movie). America is one of the most in debt countries in the whole world. The FDIC definitely is unable to be bailing people out. Those folks really have no money, go check the fine print with them.

You Are Not Doomed

With a Financially Optimized system and process, you use concepts that you have only experienced being a part of, NOT anymore. Stop being a pawn and quit sacrificing important dollars on savings, just become financially optimized so that you are a Lion among Bulls and Bears. Just because markets go up and down, that should not have the power to determine how an average person lives their life.